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When the buttocks are flat and are poorly developed due to inheritance, hypoplasia, atrophy, accidents or deformities, the buttocks can be made by placing specially designed implants for the gluteals. The implant that is used in the Buttock Augmentation is a cohesive silicone gel. The implant is almond-shaped and is two-dimensional. It has a greater resistance than that used in breast augmentation. This allows you to support the strength of the gluteus maximus muscle to walk, run or jump and sitting.

Buttock Augmentation is performed under epidural block, is ambulatory so the patient can retire to his home to convalesce, but it is preferable to stay inpatient 24 hours for control. A small incision is made in the inter gluteal fold through which the implants are placed in the intramuscular space of the gluteus maximus.

The silicone implants are placed in the middle of the fibers of the gluteus maximus muscle, increasing its volume and its projection. It requires the use of a special strip for a month, to reduce swelling and make the shape and position of the implants more predictable.

Dr. Jose Luis Covarrubias

Specialist in aesthetic surgery, beauty, lecturer in several countries of the world and owner of the Covas-Lift method