Impose presence


Breast surgeries are designed to increase, reduce or reconstruct the volume of the breast. The surgery is performed on women who are dissatisfied with the size or aesthetic form and are aimed at achieving a more prominent and firmer bust, having as its primary objective the aesthetic form and harmony with the rest of the body.

In the previous consultations with the doctor, you should discuss the changes in your physique and your appearance, the most appropriate volume that is in accordance with your expectations. The different options of implants and the approach will be discussed, as well as the location of the prosthesis (1 Sub-Glandular, 2 Sub-Muscular). Your opinion in conjunction with that of your doctor will be an important factor for the success of the procedure.

The operation consists in the placement of a breast implant (different types and textures) in an anatomically designed bag in a submuscular or subglandular space, this last depending on the constitution of each patient. The incision or approach can be made by (A) periareola, (B) inframammary fold or (C) transaxillary

Dr. Jose Luis Covarrubias

Specialist in aesthetic surgery, beauty, lecturer in several countries of the world and owner of the Covas-Lift method