Rejuvenates your skin


A peel is a dermatological treatment indicated to improve the appearance of the skin. It consists of the application of a chemical to exfoliate and detach old and damaged cells that are replaced by a new regenerated skin, smooth and soft, with fewer marks and wrinkles. They are also useful for improving excess oiliness (seborrhea) and enlarged pores, as well as certain types of acne. In these cases peelings with ac are useful. saicílico and ác. pyruvic.

The peeling can be superficial, medium or deep, depending on the type of skin and the problem to be corrected. Achieves changes in the texture of the skin, treat spots, fine wrinkles, enlarged pores, and scars

¿What advantages does it offer?
→ It can be done at any time of the year
→ Any part of the body.
→ It's fast, simple and painless.
→ Does not require general anesthesia.
→ A more luminous, uniform and elastic complexion.

Dr. Jose Luis Covarrubias

Specialist in aesthetic surgery, beauty, lecturer in several countries of the world and owner of the Covas-Lift method