The nose is the central element of the face, usually the first thing that people notice when they know it. Its shape and size can complement the beauty of a face or on the contrary opacarla affecting its trusted staff.

Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery

It is one of the most common procedures, which can reduce or increase the size, change the shape of the tip of the nose or bridge, sharpen the opening of the nostrils or change the angle between the nose and the lip. superior.


The vast majority of patients consult why:                 

→ The nose appears to be too long or short for the face                 
→ Presents a hump or depression in profile view                 
→ The appearance of it is too wide in the front view                 
→ The nasal tip looks like it is drooping or very thick                 
→ The nostrils (nasal cavities) are very wide                 
→ The nose is not centered on the face or its silhouette is broken.



These conditions can be corrected by performing a surgery called aesthetic rhinoplasty, which allows, with the nasal modification, to offer greater harmony to the face.


Aesthetic rhinoplasty (ER) is one of the most complex procedures of surgery and its implementation requires an optimal level of preparation by the specialist. It is, however, one of the most interesting and beautiful existing surgical interventions.


To determine if you are a candidate for a face or face surgery, you can request a quotation appointment with the renowned Dr. Jose Covarrubias. During your private consultation, you will be able to discuss your goals and expectations, as well as questions about your medical history. It is very important that you reveal all your medical aspects and health conditions as well as medications that you have taken or have taken previously. After the surgery is performed, the patient must strictly and conscientiously follow a post-operative recovery plan designed in order to obtain a perfect recovery, without pain and achieve the best results. The swelling and some bruises are normal and temporary due to the same characteristics of the surgery.

Dr. Jose Luis Covarrubias

Specialist in aesthetic surgery, beauty, lecturer in several countries of the world and owner of the Covas-Lift method